The Jenni Crain Foundation

Jenni Crain (1991–2021) was an esteemed artist and curator who passed away suddenly due to complications related to Covid-19. She was widely recognized for her original minimalist sculpture and curatorial projects that championed under-recognized women artists as well as for her rigorous scholarship and writing. Crain was a passionate and tireless advocate of artists and art. Throughout her life, she built a vast community of friends, collaborators, and colleagues whose work she drove forward with generosity, sensitivity, and the deep probing intelligence with which she considered the world.

The Foundation preserves her legacy by supporting transformative projects by artists, curators, and writers of any age at early or pivotal stages of their career.

In honor of her memory, The Jenni Crain Foundation provides grants in two areas:
1. Finishing funds toward the completion of a significant project ranging from an exhibition, arts publication, or work of art across disciplines and forms.
2. Support for original research which may include travel, accommodation, and any funds required for accessing or studying materials.

Donations may be mailed to the address below or made online via PayPal or Square. Fundraising editions are available here.

The Jenni Crain Foundation
130 Third Avenue Brentwood, NY 11717

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Jenni Crain

This Must Be the Place
O.O. & M.M. at 55 Walker, New York, NY
Operated by Bortolami Gallery, Andrew Kreps Gallery & kaufmann repetto
Co-curated w. Miles Huston
Michel Auder, Drew Beattie, Marilyn Church, David Diao, Loretta Dunkleman, Yoyo Friedrich, Ann Gillen, Ron Gorchov, Masao Gozu, Maren Hassinger, Becky Howland, Virginia Jaramillo, Kazuko Miyamoto, Joe Overstreet, Elaine Reichek, Gwenn Thomas, Billy Sullivan, Ken Tisa, Clover Vail, Frederick Weston, Thornton Willis, Frank Wimberley
Also including exhibitions curated by Manila Institute & Song Cycle
November 9 – December 8, 2018

55 Walker hosts three simultaneous exhibitions organized by New York-based curatorial programs existing without fixed locations. This project has been conceived and coordinated by Jenni Crain of O.O. & M.M.

This Must Be the Place curated by O.O. & M.M. with Miles Huston features the works of New York-based artists with 40+ years of studio practice.

55 Walker is a collaborative exhibition space operated by Bortolami Gallery, kaufmann repetto, and Andrew Kreps Gallery. Also on view through December 8, 2018 are note:standing prop curated by Manila Institute with works by Doris Guo, Cole Lu, Natalia Panzer, Adriana Ramic, Toms Roch, and Peter Wilson & Bruno Pelassy curated by Song Cycle.

01-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
02-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
03-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
04-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
05-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
06-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
07-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
08-55 Walker-This Must Be the Place-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
09A-Drew Beattie-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Drew Beattie Leslie’s Book of Hours, 2016. Acrylic on canvas. 96 x 76 inches

10A-David Diao-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

David Diao What ever happened to Hedda Sterne? (Small version), 1993. Acrylic on canvas. 28 x 36 inches

11A-Elaine Reichek-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Elaine Reichek Gold Sweater, 1982. Knitted metalic and wool yarn, colored pencil on graph paper, gold-toned gelatin silver print mounted on gold foil paper. 39 1/2 x 87 inches

12-55 Walker-Elaine Reichek-Detail-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
13A-55 Walker-Kazuko Miyamoto-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Kazuko Miyamoto Kimono, 1980/2017. Brown paper, twigs, and strings. 113 x 40 inches

14-55 Walker-Kazuko Miyamoto-Detail-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
15A-Clover Vail-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Christian Vassell Untitled, 2018. Glazed ceramic. 14 x 13 x 4 inches

Clover Vail Untitled #19, 2007. Oil on handmade paper. 17 x 12 inches

16A-Thornton Willis-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Thornton Willis Blue Sky with Lattice, 2008. Oil on canvas. 61 x 34 inches

17A-Billy Sullivan-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Billy Sullivan Sailor in Window, 1998. Watercolor on paper. 30 x 22 inches

18A-Joe Overstreet-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Joe Overstreet Untitled, 1970. Acrylic on constructed canvas with metal grommets and cotton rope. 75 x 40 x 31 inches (canvas size) 115 x 64 x 52 inches (overall installation)

19A-Ann Gillen-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Ann Gillen City Living, 2004. Marble, stainless steel. 36 x 48 x 18 inches

20A-Maren Hassinger-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Maren Hassinger Wrenching News, 2008. Shredded, twisted and wrapped New York Times newspapers. 72 x 72 x 12 inches

21A-Virginia Jaramillo-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Virginia Jaramillo Visual Theorems 13, 1979. Linen fibre with hand-ground earth pigments. 24 3/4 x 18 3/4 inches (paper size) 32 15/16 x 27 1/8 inches (framed)

22A-Ken Tisa-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Ken Tisa Planets Dance, 2013. Watercolor, gouache, oil paint, and collage elements on canvas board. 22 x 28 inches

23A-Marilyn Church-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Marilyn Church (Top to bottom) Handcuffed & led to prison cell after sentencing, Bernie Madoff Sentencing, Bernie Madoff with crowds of injured clients after they spoke at his sentencing, 2009. Mixed media: pen, colored pencils & carandashe water-soluble crayons. Approx. 25 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches (framed)

24A-Michel Auder-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Michel Auder Talking Head, 1981/2009. 1/2” reel to reel video to digital video SD, black and white, sound. Duration: 2:27 minutes

25A-Becky Howland-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Becky Howland Transmission Tower with Baby Skeletons, 1988 (drawing) / 2016 (label). Clear label. Unlimited edition. 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches

26A-Ron Gorchov-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Ron Gorchov LOGGIA, 1982. Clear label. Oil on canvas. 46 1/2 x 36 7/8 inches

27A-Masao Gozu-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Masao Gozu Foster Street (Manhattan), 3pm, October 15, 1982. Digital print. 20 x 16 inches

28A-Loretta Dunkelman-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Loretta Dunkleman Untitled, 1997. Oil on linen. 12 x 9 inches

29A-Frederick Weston-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Frederick Weston Blue Yonder, 2010. Paper collage on foam-core. 40 x 192 inches

30-Frederick Weston-Detail-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
31-Frederick Weston-Detail-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston
32A-Yoyo Friedrich-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Yoyo Friedrich Untitled, 2018. Wood. 119 x 10 1/4 x 3 ¾ inches (complete sculpture) 11 1/2 x 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 inches (each block)

33A-Frank Wimberley-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Frank Wimberley Flutter, 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 48 inches

34A-Gwenn Thomas-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Gwenn Thomas Cactus House II, 1993. Oil paint on balsa wood, canvas & photo emulsion on linen with grommets. 36 x 36 inches

35A-Becky Howland-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Becky Howland Transmission Tower with Baby Skeletons, 1988 (drawing) / 2016 (label). Clear label. Unlimited edition. 11 x 8 1/2 inches

36A-Becky Howland-Installarion-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Becky Howland (installation view)

37A-Becky Howland-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Becky Howland Oligarchy, 2012. Xerox copy with collage and colored pencil. 11 x 17 inches

38A-Becky Howland-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Becky Howland Macquette for Real Estate Octopus and Manhattan as a Dead Horse, 1983. Cast stone, with hand painting. 17 x 15 x 5 inches

39A-Becky Howland-55 Walker-Jenni Crain-Miles Huston

Becky Howland Mobil Oil Storage Tank on Fire, 1981. Oil paint on tin. 34 x 22 x 1/16 inches